Benchmarks suite and Benchmarks selection


The domains employed in the completion are summarized in Section 3 of the LPNMR report .

In the following table, details are reported for each domain.

Domain Authors Problem Track Description Download**
 Graph Coloring Johannes Wallner, Marcello Balduccini*, Yuliya Lierler, Martin Gebser*   Decision  1 view  get
 Knight Tour with Holes  Francesco Calimeri, Neng-Fa Zhou, Martin Gebser*  Decision  1 view  get
 Labirinth  Carmine Dodaro, Gb Ianni, Martin Gebser  Decision  1  view  get
 Stable Marriahe  Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro, Francesco Ricca, Martin Gebse*  Decision  1  view  get
 Visit-all  Giovambattista Ianni,Nir Lipovetzky, Carlos Linares López, Martin Gebser*  Decision  1  view  get
Combined Configuration  Anna Ryabobon, Gottfried Schenner  Decision  2  view  get
Consistent Query Answering  Carmine Dodaro  Query  2  view  get
 Graceful Graphs  Christian Drescher  Decision  2  view  get
 Incremental Scheduling  Marcello Balduccini, Yuliya Lierler, Martin Gebser*  Decision  2  view  get
Nomystery  Giovambattista Ianni, Carlos Linares López, Hootan Nakhost, Martin Gebser*  Decision  2  view  get
Partner Units  Anna Ryabokon, Andreas Falkner, Gerhard Friedrich, Martin Gebser*  Decision  2  view  get
Permutation Pattern Matching  Martin Lackner, Andreas Pfandler, Martin Gebser*  Decision  2  view  get
Qualitative Spatial Reasoning  Jason Jingshi Li, Martin Gebser*  Decision  2  view  get
Reachability  Carmine Dodaro, Giorgio Terracina  Query  2  view  get
Ricochet Robots  Julius Höfler, Martin Gebser, Philipp Obermeier, Roland Kaminski, Torsten Schaub  Decision  2  view  get
Sokoban  Giovambattista Ianni, Wolfgang Faber, Carlos Linares López, Martin Gebser*  Decision  2  view  get
Connected Still Life  Christian Drescher  Optimization  3  view  get
Crossing Minimization  Carmine Dodaro, Graeme Gange, Peter Stuckey, Martin Gebser*  Optimization  3  view  get
Maximal Clique  Guenther Charwat, Martin Kronegger, Johan Wittocx, Martin Gebser*  Optimization  3  view  get
MaxSAT  Carmine Dodaro  Optimization  3  view  get
Steiner Tree  Joachim Janser  Optimization  3  view  get
System Synthesis  Benjamin Andres, Martin Gebser  Optimization  3  view  get
Valves Location  Andrea Peano,   Optimization  3  view  get
Video Streaming  Bruno Biermaumer, Kostyantyn Shchekotykhin  Optimization  3  view  get
 Abstract Dialectical Frameworks  Stefan Ellmauthaler, Johannes Wallner  Optimization  4  view  get
 Complex Optimization  Roland Kaminski, Torsten Schaub, Martin Gebser*  Decision  4  view  get
Minimal Diagnosis  Marcello Balduccini, Martin Gebser*  Decision 4  view  get
Strategic Companies  Mario Alviano, Marco Maratea, Francesco Ricca  Query 4  view  get

 A "*" indicates that the encoding devised in 2014 by the organizers (mainly Martin) was used instead of the one provided in the 2011/2013 editions. For details about the encodings please refer to the full competition report published in Artificial Intelligence.

(**) Organization of the downloadable directory can be found here.

(***) Checkers for all domains can be found here.


Differently from past years, the selection of the evaluated instances has not been completely random, but a selection process has been applied to the instances available in order to classify the instances w.r.t. the expected hardness.

Details on the selection can be found in Section 4 of the LPNMR report .

Interestingly, the selection is then implemented in ASP! Please find here the files used for the selection.





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